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Big Guns Feature Victory Loan Parade

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, April 17, 1919: Pieces of war machinery - heavy guns, thirty-six inch searchlights, ammunition trucks painted in gaudy camouflage, anti-aircraft guns - passed through downtown streets today during the parade of a detachment of coast artillery on tour to promote the Victory Liberty Loan campaign. An airplane from the Speedway circled overhead as onlookers saw great engines of destruction - a 155-millimeter French “Filloux” gun and an eight-inch howitzer drawn by caterpillar tractors. Leading the parade as it passed before a reviewing stand on the balcony of the Hotel English occupied by Gov. Goodrich and Mayor Jewett were mounted police followed by the artillery corps band, officers of the corps, and bands and detachments from the high schools and Boy Scouts bringing up the rear. Monument Circle was dedicated “Victory Circle” for the loan campaign.

“Big Guns Feature Victory Loan Parade,” The Indianapolis News, 17 April 1919, p. 1:2


The Indianapolis News, 17 April 1919, p. 9.

The Indianapolis News, 17 April 1919, p. 7.

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