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Caesar's Ghost! Cleo Gets Hers

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, February 12: After attending a showing of the motion picture film Cleopatra at the Circle Theater last evening, Mayor Charles Jewett announced four scenes should be cut from the film before today’s matinee performance because they are “a bit too salacious for Indianapolis” and “purely sensual.” The Fox production starring Theda Bara portrays “a woman’s wile, a kiss, a wait awhile, veins filled with liquid fire, a longer kiss, a little bliss.” In one scene, Cleopatra dances briefly before Caesar after she is revealed wrapped in a rug; she then does a bit of artistic cuddling in Caesar’s lap. The cuddling is to come under the censorship of the scissors. The Mayor’s actions were in response to a complaint against the motion picture film made by Caleb Denny, president of the Church Federation of Indianapolis.

“Caesar’s Ghost! Cleo Gets Hers,” The Indianapolis Star, 12 February 1918, p. 1:2


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