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City Faces Desperate Coal Lack

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, January 16: As the worst of a record blizzard past, Indianapolis is facing a coal famine. Dr. Henry Jameson, Marion County Federal Fuel Administrator, ordered the closure of all saloons, and places of amusement. He instructed coal dealers to halt deliveries to these places, as well as deliveries to lodges, churches, and club houses. Wholesale and retail stores were ordered closed at 4:30 p.m., except drug stores, barber shops, and restaurants. The city’s public schools have closed, and ministers agreed to hold Sunday services in homes. Citizens who cannot afford to buy large quantities of coal can purchase 100-pound lots at fire stations. The shortage has caused coal thefts from freight cars in several neighborhoods; a mob of 2,000 men, women, and children raided several coal cars consigned to the Merchants Heat & Light Co.

“City Faces Desperate Coal Lack,” The Indianapolis Star, 13 January 1918, p. 1:3

“100 Pound Lots Ready for Needy,” The Indianapolis Star, 15 January 1918, p. 1:7

“All Nonessentials Placed Under Ban,” The Indianapolis Star, 16 January 1918, p. 1:7


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