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Here's How to Dance and Keep Policemen Away

From The Indianapolis Times, Thursday, March 27, 1924:  Policewoman Anna Bruner says dancers have been getting away with improper actions under the eyes of dance hall matrons.  “Why, at times you couldn’t get a match between the dancers,” Bruner asserted as the modern sheik and sheba glide over dance hall floors, their cheeks plastered together, their arms around each other in a strangle-hold.  “The way the girls display their terpsichorean ability is an open invitation to male partners,” she said.  Police chief Herman Rikhoff defined the authorized dance position as partners facing each other, parallel and erect, looking over the right shoulder of the partner, the lady’s hand resting gently in the gentleman’s left hand, arm curved at elbow to upright position.  Gentleman’s right hand lightly placed below right shoulder blade; lady’s left hand rests gently on gentleman’s right shoulder.

“Age Certificates Should Be Part of Girls’ Costumes When They Attend Public Dances…,” The Indianapolis Times, 27 March 1924, p. 1:4

“Here’s How to Dance and Keep Policemen Away,” The Indianapolis Times, 28 March 1924, p. 8:2


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