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From The Indianapolis News, Monday, January 28, 1924:  A new automatic traffic signal has been installed at Meridian St and Maple Rd (38th St) which should be approached “with care and respect,” according to the Hoosier Motor Club, which explains, “This is no longer just a dummy marker, for it is constantly telling traffic just what to do.”  In the few days since the marker’s installation, motorists have been driving by, particularly in the daytime, without looking at the “Stop,” “Go” message contained in the flashing lights because the illumination is not strong enough to stand out in the bright sunlight.  In darkness, the warning red globe on the marker’s top and the changing “Stop, “Go” signals are too distinct to be overlooked.  The “Stop,” “Go” changes at regular intervals with a white light in the center announcing, “Traffic Change.”

“All Around the Town,” The Indianapolis News, 28 January 1924, p. 16:2


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