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3,520 Bars Quit in Indiana; 547 in Indianapolis

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, April 3: Indiana is Dry! At the stroke of midnight last night 3,520 bars in Indiana, including 547 bars in Indianapolis, closed in accordance with the law enacted by the 1917 state legislature prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicants. There was little hilarity in celebrating the passing of John Barleycorn. Downtown bars did not seem to do any more business than usual; many of the saloons had sold much of their stock before the closing day. Some of the 15 distilleries in the state will continue to make alcohol for the government and a few of the state’s 35 breweries will manufacture soft drinks. Haag drug stores were the first druggists to take out permits to receive shipments of grain alcohol and to sell intoxicating liquor for medicinal, mechanical and sacramental purposes.

“3,520 Bars Quit in Indiana; 547 in Indianapolis,” The Indianapolis Star, 3 April 1918, p. 1:1


The Indianapolis Star, 3 April 1918, p. 3

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