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Barnard Issues New Food Rules

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, January 28: Dr. Harry Barnard, Federal food administrator for Indiana, announced a new daily “eatless” program for Indiana. The New Weekly Food Calendar is: Monday – Wheatless; Tuesday – Meatless; Wednesday – Wheatless; Thursday – Fat-Saving Day; Friday – Meatless; Saturday – Porkless; Sunday – Wheat-Saving Day. Each day breakfast is baconless; one meal wholly without wheat. Every meal, every day, is the time to save wheat, beef, pork, butter and sugar. Wheatless means use no crackers, pastry, macaroni, breakfast food or cereal containing wheat, or use of wheat flour. Meatless means without any cattle, hog or sheep products. Porkless means without pork, bacon, ham, lard or pork products, fresh or preserved. Fry less; instead bake, broil, boil or stew foods. Dr. Barnard said our goal is that we should buy and consume one-third less wheat products than we did last year.

“Barnard Issues New Food Rules,” The Indianapolis Star, 28 January 1918, p. 1:4


The Indianapolis Star, 28 January 1918, p. 7

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