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Automobiles Raise Rating of Alley as Thoroughfare

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, March 13, 1924:  The increasing use of automobiles has seen the demand for paving alleys account for more than half of the street improvements according to Elmer Williams, of the Indianapolis board of works.  With many people having some kind of automobile, alleys are more than a place to keep ashcans. Motorists want a mudless, smooth, paved alley so they can put the car to bed at night in a garage.  Even carless property owners with a garage or an old stable on an alley want it paved so they are able to rent the space for an automobile at $5 (2023:  $91) a month.  Requests for paved alleys come from all quarters of the city and since paving is with cement, the cost is much less than in previous years when brick was used.

“Automobiles Raise Rating of Alley as Thoroughfare,” The Indianapolis Star, 13 March 1924, p. 20:3


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