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Petition Opposes New High School

From The Indianapolis Times, Monday, February 18, 1924:  A suit seeking to prevent the Indianapolis board of school commissioners from building a separate high school for colored children was filed today in Superior Court, Room 5, by Archie Greathouse, an Indiana Avenue businessman and civic leader.  The school board plans building a new high school for white students costing $1,000,000 (2023:  $18,177,039) and a separate high school for colored students costing $150,000 (2023:  $2,726,556).  The suit filed by Greathouse alleges colored children cannot receive the same training in a separate school at the proposed sum as in one of the three other public high schools currently open to all students and that the school board has no legal right to expend taxpayers’ money in this way.  The suit asks for a temporary injunction pending a hearing on a permanent injunction.       


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