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Auto Saleswoman

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, March 4, 1924:  Laura E. Alexander is the only automobile saleswoman in Indianapolis.  She is employed with the North-Overland Co, 3011 Central Av, the city’s oldest distributor of Overland and Willys-Knight cars.  Prior to her affiliation with the North-Overland Co, she sold Overlands and Willys-Knights for the East End Overland Co, 2630 E. Tenth St.  In 1923, Alexander was one of twenty-one finalists in the Indianapolis Star’s Women’s Safety Driving Contest.  Contestants, competing for $100 cash prizes, drove any automobile of her choosing over a prescribed route through the business section of Indianapolis accompanied by three judges.  The judges noted any violation of the traffic rules and the driver’s ability to operate her motor car.  Contest winners appeared in a safe driving film made by the Ford Motion Picture Co for the Indianapolis police department. 

“Auto Saleswoman,” The Indianapolis Star, 4 March 1924, Willys-Overland Sec, p. 8:6


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