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From The Indianapolis Times, Tuesday, April 29, 1924:  Gov. Warren T. McCray resigned today following his conviction in Federal Court last evening for mail fraud.  The jury returned its verdict after deliberating thirteen minutes, finding McCray guilty of fraudulently writing 2,500 letters, each one in violation of the postal laws, in order to obtain money under false pretenses.  After the verdict was read, in a caustic and biting denunciation, Judge Albert Anderson branded the Governor as a forger saying, “The evidence is of remarkable character.  The circumstances are so enormously bad that there is no excuse for them…In my forty years’…never have I seen anything to approach this in the number of continuous felonies.”  McCray will be sentenced tomorrow and then taken to Federal prison in Atlanta, GA.  Lieutenant Governor Emmett Branch plans to take the oath of office immediately.

“‘M'Cray Resigns as Governor,” The Indianapolis Times, 29 April 1924, p. 1:1


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