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Autoless Sunday is Generally Observed

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, September 2: Few pleasure cars were on the streets of Indianapolis Sunday as the city observed the federal fuel administration’s appeal to conserve gasoline and only use automobiles in emergency cases. Horse and buggies, bicycles, and electric automobiles were the private conveyances of choice for most citizens. Street car traffic was unusually heavy, especially on the north and east side lines. An indicator of how well the first gasoline-less Sunday was observed was that no automobile accidents were reported; usually two or three crashes occur every Sunday. At downtown street crossings, traffic policemen found it unnecessary to exercise the usual vigilance to assure the safety of pedestrians; only an occasional taxi passed through the district. Glances were cast askance by citizens at the owners of the few machines seen at parks, golf courses, and churches.

“Autoless Sunday is Generally Observed,” The Indianapolis News, 2 September 1918, p. 17:1


The Indianapolis News, 2 September 1918, p. 11

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