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League Now, Or War in Future, Taft Declares

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, May 15, 1919: Last evening at Tomlinson Hall, former President William Howard Taft made an earnest plea for creation of a league of nations. For over two hours he carefully analyzed the covenant adopted by the Paris peace conference and answered various objections to America’s approving it. Taft insisted that issues involved transcend political consideration and the treaty with the league covenant should be ratified by the United States Senate. He stressed that unless a league of nations is formed now, the opportunity will have passed, probably not to recur until after this country is plunged with others into a devastating world war. Taft said he was glad to come to Indianapolis to discuss the league of nations because he heard it needs support here. The meeting was under the auspices of Hopewell Presbyterian Church.

“League Now, Or War in Future, Taft Declares,” The Indianapolis Star, 15 May 1919, p. 1:7


The Indianapolis Star, 15 May 1919, p. 12.

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