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War History is Planned

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, April 1, 1919: Ellis Searles, editor of the United Mine Workers’ Journal, has been appointed by the city librarian to collect all the historical materials connected with the war history of Marion County. Original documents, resolutions, buttons, posters, service flags and war relics are among the items that are to be deposited at the Indianapolis Public Library for permanent preservation. Searles’ attention will first be given to obtaining a thoroughly representative collection of war pictures and manuscripts. He will also prepare a complete and detained reference work on Marion County war activities that will include a list of every soldier from Marion County in the service of the United States and the Allied countries during the war. A copy of the report will be given to the Indiana Historical Commission and the Indianapolis Public Library.

“War History is Planned,” The Indianapolis Star, 1 April 1919, p. 20:3


The Indianapolis Star, 1 April 1919, p. 3.

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