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Manufacturers Urge to Pay Claims

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, January 15, 1919: At a meeting yesterday evening at the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, 200 Indiana manufacturers were assured by L. C. Harrison, chief of the Cincinnati production district, that properly filed claims for canceled war contracts would be given immediate attention. The approximately $50,000,000 (2018: $829,604,341) in canceled war contract claims has caused some apprehension among manufacturers who fear their business might suffer considerably in readjusting to a peacetime economy if prompt payment of the claims are not authorized by the government. Harrison declared the government would make a fair and just settlement of every meritorious claim, but some delay in payment is due to the fact all claims must be investigated before payment. The war claims board is proceeding cautiously so that in case of any Congressional investigation the payments would be above reproach.

“Manufacturers Urge U. S. to Pay Claims,” The Indianapolis Star, 15 January 1918, p. 1:5


The Indianapolis Star, 15 January 1919, p. 3.

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