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Employment Service Activity Continues

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, December 16: The women’s department of the United States employment service will continue its activities while transitioning from war time conditions to those of peace according to Miss Mamie L. Bass, Indianapolis division superintendent. Offices are now located at 40 S. Capitol Av to help the hundreds of women wage earners formerly engaged in war work in the state’s industries and machine shops. These women are registering with the employment service and are being transferred to peacetime pursuits as rapidly as the desirability of jobs being offered can be determined. Employers who have clerical and office work openings are needed for the placement of women who are returning from distant points after being employed in similar positions for the government. More than 7,000 women and girls have applied with the service for employment since August.

“Employment Service Activity Continues,” The Indianapolis News, 16 December 1918, p. 4:3

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