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Wild Scenes Follow Reports of Signing

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, November 7: The most unusual celebration ever staged in Indianapolis took place soon after news was given to the citizens that the Germans had signed an armistice. Crowds in downtown streets broke into a wild outburst of joy in a scene of excitement with the constant blowing of factory whistles adding to the furor. Firefighters at engine houses in the downtown district joined in the celebration by ringing every fire gong they could get their hands on. The city’s business and social life came to a standstill and American flags unfurled from every conceivable place. Schools were dismissed, and pupils flocked into the streets and formed parades. However, the celebrations died down as quickly as they had started when word came in later dispatches with State Department denials that an armistice had been signed.

“Wild Scenes Follow Reports of Signing,” The Indianapolis News, 7 November 1918, p. 1:2


The Indianapolis News, 7 November 1918, p. 9

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