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Red Cross Canteen Has Tent at Union Station

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, October 17: A tent equipped to care for emergency cases of Spanish influenza which might arise among troops passing through the city has been erected at the Indianapolis Red Cross canteen at Union Station. The tent has a board floor, electric lights, two cots, and first aid supplies. Mrs. Harry Griffith is in charge of the Red Cross workers. The Indianapolis Union Railway Co is planning on building a room under the elevated tracks where the canteen can continue its service during the winter. (Mrs. Philomen) Genevieve Watson is in charge of the canteen. She organized the canteen service at Union Station in May with thirty-eight women volunteers. Since then, the number of women volunteering at the canteen has grown to seventy-five. The canteen corps will soon be wearing the Red Cross regulation winter uniform.

“Red Cross Canteen Has Tent at Union Station,” The Indianapolis News, 17 October 1918, p. 18:1

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