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Rusty, Battered Guns of Huns on Exhibition

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, September 23: Crowds swarmed over University Park today to see relics from the battlefields of France and Flanders that tell the story of the war’s realism and grimness. Trophies - rusty guns, battered and broken shells, aerial bombs and torpedoes, and helmets of the Kaiser’s own guard gathered by the Canadian Expeditionary Force - filled a long platform between Meridian and Pennsylvania Streets. The touring war display, through the kindness of the Canadian government, includes rifles, packs and trench spades, machine guns and big guns used on the Marne and at Vimy Ridge. Another part of the exhibit contains posters and proclamations issued by advancing German commanders ordering the deportation of civilian populations. The exhibit is one of the educational features of the week preceding the start of the Fourth Liberty Loan campaign.

“Rusty, Battered Guns of Huns on Exhibition,” The Indianapolis News, 23 September 1918, p. 1:5

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