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Elevated Tracks at Union Station in Use

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, July 30: The first train, loaded with passengers and express freight, to run on the new elevated west section of the Indianapolis Union Railway pulled away from the Union Station platform promptly at 12:15 p.m. today with more than 100 spectators looking on. Vandalia train passengers climbed stairs to reach the elevated track, while the baggage and express freight was taken to the track level by elevator. Trains coming to Indianapolis from the south, southwest, and west on the Louisville Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Monon and Vandalia systems will use these new tracks. While work continues along the eastern section of the track elevation, the New York Central Lines will use the surface tracks. To date, the track elevation project has cost $5,000,000 (2017: $82,960,434) with completion scheduled for January 1919.

“Elevated Tracks at Union Station in Use,” The Indianapolis News, 30 July 1918, p. 4:5

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