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Whistles Din War Message

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, July 19: At 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, tied-down factory whistles shrieked and church bells rang out across Indianapolis beginning a prolonged, impromptu salute to the American army’s successful four-mile advance against the Germans. Workers rushed from their work stations into factory yards and gave cheers for the success of our army. Mayor Jewett came up with the plan to acclaim the magnificent advance of arms, and operators of the Central Union and Indianapolis Telephone companies sent out the word to the factories. He also issued a proclamation calling upon the people to display the American flag across the city on Friday. Rev. Morton Pearson, secretary of the Indianapolis Church Federation, communicated the news to church officials and called for an observance of thanksgiving and prayer on Friday for the further success of our armies.

“Whistles Din War Message,” The Indianapolis Star, 19 July 1918, p. 8:4


The Indianapolis Star, 19 July 1918, p. 8

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