Becomes Recreation Center for Men in United States Service

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, July 8: The Woodruff Place Club, a community social center in Woodruff Place, will become the second soldiers’ recreational house in Indianapolis, and will be named the War Camp Community Service Recreational House. The large two-story clubhouse is near the Army Vocational School on the campus of Arsenal Technical High School where 500 soldiers are stationed. Hugh Landon, chairman of the executive committee, has been working on plans for the building, however the clubhouse is well adapted for recreational use and only a few changes will be made. There is a large reading room, dance hall, billiard room, living room, dining room and kitchen. A subcommittee of four women have charge of organizing entertainment at the house, and a dance given for the soldiers is planned for the opening of the house next Saturday.

“Becomes Recreation Center for Men in United States Service,” The Indianapolis Star, 8 July 1918, p. 8:4


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