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Indianapolis Women Begin Military Drill

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, June 25: A platoon of thirty-two young single women began infantry drill Monday evening at the Statehouse. Captain Sumner Clancy, of the state militia, conducted this first drill of Indianapolis women and complimented those present “on the enthusiasm which they displayed and their ability at grasping readily the idea of military drill and tactics.” The subject of appropriate uniforms will be discussed soon and the handling of firearms and target practice is planned. Mrs. Angeline Cullity Cook, acting secretary of the woman’s section of the State Council of Defense, hopes the enthusiasm of these women will spread among women of Indianapolis and a much larger number will be present at next Monday’s drill. Mrs. Cook is organizing these military units so women may be trained to protect themselves and their homes in case of invasion.

“Indianapolis Women Begin Military Drill,” The Indianapolis News, 25 June 1918, p. 7:2

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