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How Indiana Gets Big War Contracts

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, February 20: The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce war contract bureau has been so successful in obtaining war contracts for Indiana businesses that in many parts of the United States it is known as the “Indianapolis Plan.” Through its Washington, DC office, the Chamber of Commerce has been able to provide plans and specifications of war contracts to Indiana manufacturers with full bidding information within a few days of a contract announcement. Several government officials have declared that the bureau is the best organization of its kind in Washington; it has been able to facilitate millions of dollars’ worth of war business coming directly to Indiana firms. The war contract bureau has been particularly zealous on behalf of the small manufacturer by assisting large businesses here and elsewhere in subletting big contracts among smaller concerns.

“How Indiana Gets Big War Contracts,” The Indianapolis News, 20 February 1918, p. 13:3


The Indianapolis News, 20 February 1918, p. 4

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