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Real Estate Board in Quandary as to Admitting Women Members

From The Indianapolis Times, Friday, May 21, 1920:  The Indianapolis Real Estate board is in a quandary over admitting women.  Alta Bohren and Gertrude Berry have been trying for over a month to become members, but as board secretary Harry Templeton explains, an argument has developed among the men as to whether women should be admitted or not; they hold divided opinions.  “This is the first time the board has ever received applications from women.  Neither the board of directors nor the real estate board desires to take the responsibility of accepting the women.  They ‘pass the buck,’” he said.  While board member Orin Jessup said women now have the vote, have been accepted in other organizations, he sees no objectionable reason that should bar them from the board, others contend it is unwise to admit women to the board. 


“Real Estate Board in Quandary as to Admitting Women Members,” The Indianapolis Times, 21 May 1920, p. 1:2



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