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Many Veterans to Participate in Bonus Move

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, March 1, 1922: As part of a nation-wide movement to force Congress to pass the bonus bill, Indianapolis World War veterans’ organizations, along with women’s auxiliaries and allied organizations, will participate in a mass meeting this coming Sunday afternoon at Tomlinson Hall. “The meeting will be open to the public and will present the ex-service man’s viewpoint on the bonus and try to counteract some of the propaganda that has been sent out against passage of the bill.,” said Arthur Gresham, chief of staff of the Indiana department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Several veterans in uniform will be stationed the downtown district bearing placards calling attention to the meeting. Approximately 50,000 ex-service men along with a large number of their friends and family members are expected to meet throughout Indiana on Sunday afternoon.

“Many Veterans to Participate in Bonus Move,” The Indianapolis Star, 1 March 1922, p. 10:4


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