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Indianapolis Institutions Keep 'Open House' in Celebration of National Hospital Day

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, May 12, 1921: The first National Hospital Day was observed today throughout the United States and in Indianapolis with the city’s hospitals throwing their doors open to the public. Visitors were welcomed at City, Methodist and Deaconess Hospitals. These hospitals have contracts with the U. S. public health service for the care of disabled former soldiers, and there was renewed interest in the treatment these ex-servicemen are receiving. The American Legion distributed flowers and flags among 175 veterans, taking all who were able on automobile rides. Reception committees were busy all day greeting visitors at Sunnyside Sanatorium, Marion County’s tuberculosis treatment facility, Robert W. Long Hospital, under the direction of Indiana University, St. Francis Hospital, managed by the Sisters of St. Francis, and Norways Sanatorium and Neuronhurst, which care for conditions affecting the nervous system.

“Indianapolis Institutions Keep ‘Open House’ in Celebration of National Hospital Day,” The Indianapolis News, 12 May 1921, p. 19:2


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