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Census Takers Finish in City

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, January 18, 1920: The counting of noses has been completed in the city of Indianapolis for the fourteenth decennial United States census. Rechecking of districts for scattered omissions will be conducted to finalize the survey before the returns are ready to be dispatched to Washington, DC. Persons who believe that they have been inadvertently missed by enumerators are requested to notify John Spiegel, supervisor of census for the Marion County district, at the Federal Building. About fifty persons have refused to reply to the questions asked by enumerators, so follow-up visits by inspectors will be made to get the information. If these people are persistent in their refusal to cooperate, they will be subject to arrest and a fine of $500 (2018: $6,354). The corps of census enumerators finished their task in the allotted time.

“Census Takers Finish in City,” The Indianapolis Star, 18 January 1920, p. 8:1

“Census Not Completed,” The Indianapolis News, 16 January 1920, p. 26:5



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