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Ball Players Come in Plane

From The Indianapolis Times, Monday, June 28, 1920: Yesterday the soldiers of the McCook Field baseball team were flown from Dayton, OH to play the Speedway Aviation Repair Depot team completing the first airship trip ever made with baseballers as the cargo. Lt. Harris, piloting a twelve passenger Martin bomber, its interior arranged with cute little seats along the sides, picked up eight McCook men, two photographers, and a Y.M.C.A. man and left Dayton shortly after lunch and “dropped” its “cargo” on the Speedway diamond at 1:30 p.m. Lt. Forshay, piloting a pale-yellow Dayton-Wright Honeymoon Express with two additional players, landed ahead of the Martin. After grabbing a 6 to 2 win over the Speedway nine, the McCook men waved their “buddies” a fond farewell and climbed back in their air chariots, arriving at Dayton just in time for supper.

“McCook Field Soldiers Enjoy Air Trip and Win Over Speedway Buddies,” The Indianapolis Times, 28 June 1920, p. 8:3

“Ball Players Come in Plane,” The Indianapolis Star, 28 June 1920, p. 16:3


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