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Committee to Fix Date for City's Centennial

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, December 27, 1919: Whether Indianapolis will celebrate its centennial in 1920 or 1921 has been left to a subcommittee of the centennial committee to decide following yesterday’s committee meeting. John Holliday, centennial committee chair, favors a 1921 date since that was the year the legislature ratified the site selected for the location of the Hoosier state’s capital city. Jacob Dunn, subcommittee chair, advocates June 7, 1920, the date one hundred years ago that commissioners met in the McCormick cabin and selected the site. February 26, the date the McCormick family, the first to arrive on the future site of the city, has been proposed by others. However, that date would provide little time to arrange a proper celebration. In addition to Dunn, the subcommittee members are Amos Butler, Laura Hodges, Eliza Browning and Charles Moores.

“Committee to Fix Date for City’s Centennial,” The Indianapolis News, 27 December 1919, p. 15:6


The Indianapolis News, 27 December 1919, p. 11.

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