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City Leader in Fine Cars

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, December 14, 1919: More luxury cars are made in Indianapolis than anywhere else in the United States. While other cities may build more cars and have a larger number of automobile factories, the Hoosier capital is the center of fine car production. Detroit may boast of its two luxury cars, Packard and Cadillac, but Indianapolis has five high-grade car factories manufacturing the Marmon, Stutz, Cole, National, and Premier. In addition, the new Lafayette Motors Co and the recently organized H. C. S. Motor Corp will soon be making first-class motor vehicles in Indianapolis. The Monroe is also now being built here. Quality cars being built at Connersville, the Lexington and McFarlan; at Kokomo, the Apperson and Haynes; at Logansport, the ReVere; and at South Bend, the Studebaker, also contribute to Indiana’s fame.

“City Leader in Fine Cars,” The Indianapolis Star, 14 December 1919, Part Six, p. 23:1


The Indianapolis Star, 14 December 1919, p. 17.

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