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Motor Trucks Will Parade

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, September 25, 1919: Highway Transport Day will be celebrated in Indianapolis this afternoon with a parade of 200 motorized industrial trucks through the downtown district to demonstrate the vast field of activities which has been successfully taken over by gasoline powered vehicles. One hundred Indianapolis trucking concerns deliver merchandise and foodstuffs locally and overland along the thirty-six motor express routes radiating from the city. Traveling routes that parallel railroad or interurban lines, motor carriers can travel many miles in a short space of time and deliver materials to farmers and small towns giving this form of hauling an advantage over others. Motor express operations from Indianapolis is perhaps the largest in the Mid-West. Banners boosting “ship by truck,” “overland hauling,” “rural motor express,” and “good roads” will be displayed on the trucks in the parade.

“Motor Trucks Will Parade,” The Indianapolis Star, 25 September 1919, p. 8:1

“City Hub for Many Routes,” The Indianapolis Star, 25 September 1919, p. 8:4

The Indianapolis Star, 25 September 1919, p. 8.

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