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Wilson Hurls Defi to Foes of Covenant

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, September 5, 1919: President Woodrow Wilson, addressing an enormous audience of citizens at the State Fair Grounds Coliseum last night, challenged opponents of the League of Nations, “If it is not this arrangement, what arrangement do you suggest to secure the peace of the world? It is a case of put up or shut up.” Indianapolis was the second stop on the President’s train tour of the country to hear his appeal for public help in the treaty fight. The city gave a “much heartier” reception than the one in Columbus, Ohio, according to newspaper correspondents traveling with the President. The President was cheered by thousands of onlookers as he motored along the streets from Union Station to the fair grounds. Many homes along the North Meridian Street route were decorated with the national colors.

“Wilson Hurls Defi to Foes of Covenant,” The Indianapolis Star, 5 September 1919, p. 1:8

The Indianapolis Star, 5 September 1919, p. 1.

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