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Army Chances Never Better

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, June 16, 1919: The United States Army Indianapolis Recruiting District operates more stations than any state. Twenty-one stations outside Indianapolis draw recruits from an area with a population of 3,000,000. The Indianapolis District is second only to New York, which has a population of 7,000,000 from which to draw, in supplying the largest number of recruits. For the first time in the Army’s history, young men will be permitted to choose their branch of service and the country in which they desire to serve where American soldiers are stationed. The U. S. Army currently has troops in France, with the Army of Occupation in the Rhine country, in Panama, China, the Philippines, and the Hawaiian Islands. The Air Repair Unit at Speedway has a large number of vacancies. No married men are accepted for enlistment.

“Army Chances Never Better,” The Indianapolis Star, 16 June 1919, p. 16:5


The Indianapolis Star, 16 June 1919, p. 12.

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