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Nomination of Jackson is Assured

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, May 7, 1924:  Yesterday’s primary election demonstrated the Ku Klux Klan’s ability to become a controlling factor in Indiana politics.  Hoosier voters went to the polls and expressed their sentiments either for or against the Klan, and apparently the Klan claims of strength have not been exaggerated.  The Ku Klux Klan successfully put across the nomination of Ed Jackson as the Republican nominee for governor and returns from over the state indicate that in most counties Klan slates supporting Republican candidates have won.  In Marion County the only exception was in the race for prosecutor with incumbent William H. Remy defeating Klan-backed James E. McDonald.  While some may not like the idea, there is no longer a particle of doubt that at the present time the Klan is the most powerful influence in Indiana politics.  

“‘Nomination of Jackson is Assured,” The Indianapolis Star, 7 May 1924, p. 1:7

“Primary Results, The Indianapolis Times, 8 May 1924, p. 4:1


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