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Drivers' Licenses Urged by Mayor

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, June 21, 1924:  Mayor Lew Shank announced today he will ask the next Indiana legislature to enact a law requiring all persons driving automobiles to pass an examination to obtain a driver’s license which could be revoked and the automobile impounded in cases of accidents where negligence on the part of the driver is proved.  He also believes such a law would be a great influence in curbing speeders and reckless motorists.  Currently, motorists convicted of speeding and reckless driving can take advantage of the opportunity given by the court to turn in their license plates and certificates of title to the court bailiff and have their cars stored for a stipulated period and receive suspensions of fines and costs.  Those who have cars stored face heavy penalties if they are found driving other machines.

“Drivers’ Licenses Urged by Mayor,” The Indianapolis News, 21 June 1924, p. 1:8


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