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Throng Watches Klansmen March Through Streets

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, May 25, 1924:  An orderly procession of white robed and masked Ku Klux Klanmen, led by 100 robed and hooded Ku Klux Klan Knights mounted on horses covered with white blankets bearing the Klan insignia, paraded through the streets of Indianapolis last night on foot and in automobiles. A score of bands and several floats were in the parade.  A crowd estimated from 75,000 to 100,000 lined the streets and filled the windows of buildings along the parade route greeting the Klansmen with enthusiasm.  News accounts estimated 6,500 Klansmen while Klan officials said the count was 80,600 including several hundred women in their Klan uniforms with yellow masks and tam-o-shanters instead of peaked hoods.  At the urging of county officials, the parade route was changed from entering the colored and foreign district near Military Park.


“Throng Watches Klansmen March Through Streets,” The Indianapolis Star, 25 May 1924, p. 1:1


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