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Indianapolis-Made Car Wins Laurels in Motor Classic

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, May 31, 1924:  Joe Boyer flashed across the finishing tape yesterday driving Corum’s Deusenberg and smashing all Speedway records. The jinx of years was finally shaken off as an Indianapolis-made car once again won the laurels in the motor classic.  The tiny machine, designed and constructed by automotive masters Fred and August Deusenberg, was one of four fast Deusenberg cars carrying the hopes of Indianapolis for victory.  The pioneer automobile manufacturers have had a flair for turning out speedy racers, but their cars seemed pursued by an inexorable jinx which was not shaken off until the last quarter of yesterday’s race.  “These are the last racing cars I expect to build; I have achieved my greatest ambition in winning the Indianapolis 500-mile race and no one can hope for more than that,” said Fred Deusenberg.

“Indianapolis-Made Car Wins Laurels in Motor Classic,” The Indianapolis Star, 31 May 1924, p. 1:5


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