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Butler College Entertains at New Site

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, May 18, 1924:  Butler College held an open house at its new Fairview Park site yesterday and a large number of friends of the college came out to inspect the grounds and see a baseball game between the Bulldogs and the University of Chicago.  Members of the Scarlet Quill Club, an honorary society for Butler women, guided visitors over the new campus pointing out the proposed location of college buildings.  Flags in the blue and white Butler colors marked the driveways through the campus and the position of the new buildings.  The proposed site of the athletic field, where the baseball game was played, was decorated with the colors – blue-white and maroon - of the two teams.  The first athletic contest on the Fairview campus before about 2,000 fans ended with an 8-6 Bulldog win.  

“Butler College Entertains at New Site, ‘Scarlet Quill’ Points Out Beauty Spots,” The Indianapolis Star, 18 May 1924, Pt. 2, p. 1:2


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