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Draft Board Members From an Organization

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, June 5, 1919: The Indiana Society of Selective Board Members was formed today by over 100 former local and district draft board members at a meeting in the Claypool Hotel. The organization’s purpose “is to keep alive the associations formed by men on whom rested the primary responsibility for the selection of soldiers so that the valuable knowledge of military preparation acquired by these men may not be lost, to preserve historical data now in the possession of the various boards, and to obtain for drafted men who served in the war full recognition for their services.” Indianapolis attorney Emsley Johnson was elected president of the Society. Annual sessions will be held each June 5, the day commemorating the first registration of selective service men. Maj. Robert Baltzell, state conscription agent, delivered the principal address.

“Draft Board Members Form an Organization,” The Indianapolis News, 5 June 1919, p. 15:1


The Indianapolis News, 5 June 1919, p. 15.

The Indianapolis News, 5 June 1919, p. 15.

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