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New Oil Well is Shot

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, April 18, 1919: An oil well, drilled to the depth of 869 feet, was completed a few days ago at Meridian St and the canal. Already 400 feet of oil is in the well casing, and the successful drilling of this well has led to talk of a revival of the Broad Ripple fields. It is estimated that this well has a capacity of 250 barrels a day. When the well was completed, a deposit of natural gas was struck producing a spectacular flambeau spewing forth from the well for several hours. The Meridian Oil Co of Indianapolis now has six producing wells, and with oil worth about $2.18 (2018: $32) a barrel, representatives from many oil companies have been scanning the neighborhood for possible drilling sites. Materials are available for a complete pumping station.

“New Oil Well Is Shot,” The Indianapolis Star, 18 April 1919, p. 8:2


The Indianapolis Star, 18 April 1919, p. 2.

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