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Airplane Leaves with Prisoner as Passenger

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, February 24, 1919: The airplane was used today for the first time to transport a prisoner. Dayton, Ohio police inspector Seymour Yendes arrived in Indianapolis at noon aboard a Wright Airplane Co aircraft to get Robert Tamplin, accused of stealing $50 (2017: $736) from a laundry driver. After fleeing Dayton, Tamplin was arrested in Indianapolis on other charges. City police detectives Frank Reynolds and Frank Row met the plane at the Speedway and accompanied inspector Yendes to City Court where Judge Walter Pritchard turned Tamplin over to the Dayton officer. When asked if he would waive extradition and return in the plane, Tamplin replied, “Sure, I’ll waive anything to get to take that trip!” Detectives then took Tamplin to the plane, strapped him in, and fifty-five minutes later he was in a Dayton court room.

“Airplane Leaves with Prisoner as Passenger,” The Indianapolis News, 24 February 1919, p. 1:6

The Indianapolis News, 24 February 1919, p. 3.

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