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Training School for Police to Be Opened

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, February 15, 1919: It was announced today by George Coffin, chief of police, that a school for instructing members of the Indianapolis police department in up-to date methods will open next week. The school, to be conducted twice a week, will enable police officers to be more properly trained to carry on their duties. The courses will include instruction in field work, first aid for caring to the injured, ethics, the use of firearms, report writing, social service work, and instructions in state laws and city ordinances. Previously, new police officers have learned from older officers based on the ancient theory that experience is the best teacher. “With conditions constantly changing, it is necessary that the method of doing police duty also be changed in order to keep up with the times,” said Chief Coffin.

“Training School for Police to Be Opened,” The Indianapolis News, 15 February 1919, p. 2:6


The Indianapolis News, 15 February 1919, p. 4.

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