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Patriotic Body is Perpetuated

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, February 3, 1919: The Indianapolis American Protective League branch voted to disband on instructions from the national organization, but at the urging of league member Meredith Nicholson, members decided to continue under the name of the Indianapolis Protective League during the post-war reconstruction period. Under the direction of Chief Garvin Brown, and his executive board that included Henry Bennett. Frank Fishback, Alfred Glossbrenner, William Brown, Charles Lewis, Hugh Landon, Alex Holliday, and Booth Tarkington, the work of the more than 1,000 workers of the local branch during the war focused on investigating 1,500 cases of alleged draft evasion, applications for Red Cross service, and violations of the espionage law. Fifty enemy aliens were interred based upon evidence procured by the local league branch. Members will be allowed to keep their credentials and badges as souvenirs.

“Patriotic Body is Perpetuated” The Indianapolis Star, 3 February 1919, p. 8:3

“Branch to Be Dissolved,” The Indianapolis News, 1 February 1919, p. 18:3


The Indianapolis Star, 3 February 1919, p. 2.

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