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Health Board Orders Masks

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, November 18: The Indianapolis board of health has ordered the universal wearing of gauze masks following a renewal of the influenza epidemic. The order is effective immediately. Since Saturday, 582 new cases have been reported in the city with eleven deaths during the period. Board secretary Dr. Henry Morgan cautioned, “During the recent celebrations, people forgot to take care of themselves and their resistance became lowered. Avoid crowds. The safest place is in the home or in the open air.” The mask-wearing order applies to all attending public meetings, to employees in business houses and offices, to theater and church goers, to factory workers, and street cars riders. Barbers and dentists must wear masks. All city schools will close tomorrow and remain closed until further notice. Police and health inspectors will enforce the order.

“Health Board Orders Masks,” The Indianapolis News, 18 November 1918, p. 1:8

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