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Former Saloon Men are Now Downhearted

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, June 28: The state supreme court decision declaring Indiana’s prohibition law constitutional has had a down-hearted effect on former saloon keepers and wholesale liquor dealers in Indianapolis. Most have been operating soft drink establishments in order to keep their rooms and fixtures in hope that the law would be declared unconstitutional. The court’s ruling will cause most of these concerns to go out of business immediately because the proprietors will not be able to meet the high rents and other expenses by continuing to run “dry beer” places. Some former saloon keepers who failed to remove their liquor stocks out of state within the time allotted by law now have a “white elephant” on their hands - how can they now remove their stocks out of state without being detected by the authorities and charged.

“Former Saloon Men are Now Downhearted,” The Indianapolis News, 28 June 1918, p. 1:6

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