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Alien Enemy Women Register and Submit Photos to Police

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, June 18: Seventy-nine German alien women residing in Indianapolis were registered at Tomlinson Hall yesterday, the first day for the registration of women alien enemies. President Wilson’s proclamation requires the registration of every woman alien enemy fourteen years and above, including women of American birth who had married unnaturalized enemy alien men. Sergeant of Police Clara Burnside and thirteen new policewomen are assisting with the registration. For identification purposes, each registrant must provide four photographs and be fingerprinted. Blue eyes and light hair lead the list of distinguishing facial marks noted on the registration papers; a mole being recorded in more than half of the cases. Registration ends June 26, and the penalty for failing to register is internment or a prison sentence and fine. An estimated 1,400 women alien enemies live in the city.

“Alien Enemy Women Register and Submit Photos to Police,” The Indianapolis Star, 18 June 1918, p. 1:2

The Indianapolis Star, 18 June 1918, p. 1

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