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German Language Papers to Suspend

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, May 30: The Daily Telegraph-Tribune and the Sunday Spottvogel, the two German language newspapers of Indianapolis, will suspend publication Monday for at least the duration of the war. August Tamm, president of the Gutenberg Co and editor of the papers, said this decision “has been arrived at reluctantly, but voluntarily.” The formal announcement noted that the German language press filled “a distinct need…in the process of Americanizing German immigrants.” Continuing, the paper noted “despite having been loyal at all times…Unfortunately, however, a pronounced prejudice has arisen in this country against everything printed or written in the German language.” Since America’s declaration of war, ten prominent German language newspapers across the country, including the Evansville, Indiana Demokrat, have ceased publication. The Daily Telegraph-Tribune and the Spottvogel, have been continuously published locally for fifty-three years.

“German Language Papers to Suspend,” The Indianapolis Star, 30 May 1918, p. 1:2


The Indianapolis Star, 30 May 1918, p. 11

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