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Chief Coffin Plans City Wide "Cleanup"

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, April 17: Chief of Police George Coffin has established a morals squad with the view of preventing any renewal of the old vice conditions in the city. This action was taken following the receipt of information that many of those who ply commercialized vice in other cities may be moving to Indianapolis because of renewed activity at Ft. Harrison. “The police department is going to do all in its power to keep the city free from vice,” said Coffin. Recent raids on resorts have convinced the police that some resort keepers have moved from their old haunts into the residential and rooming house districts nearer the center of the city. Information on these new locations is hard to obtain and synonymous tips will be welcome. Sergeant George Winkler will head the morals squad.

“Chief Coffin Plans City Wide “Cleanup,” The Indianapolis News, 17 April 1918, p. 1:5


The Indianapolis News, 17 April 1918, p. 3

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