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German House Can't Find Name

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, January 11: The German House is looking for a new name. Since war was declared last April, the probability of a name change has been discussed among the Socialer Turnverein Society members. The situation became tense since news that the Independent Turnverein violated government food regulations on New Year’s Eve, although the organization has been exonerated of intentional violation of the rules. While no accusations have been made against the German House, many of the older members have taken the agitation very seriously and changing the name is being carefully considered. Founded on patriotic ideas, members desire to find a name that reflects the club’s educational purpose as part of the North American Gymnastic Union and the teaching of music and art. Washington Club, the House of Democracy, Liberty Hall, and Athenaeum have been suggested.

“German House Can’t Find Name,” The Indianapolis Star, 11 January 1918, p. 1:2

“Member of German House Proposes Organization Be Renamed ‘The Athenaeum’,” The Indianapolis Star, 15 January 1918, p. 7:5


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